How Hero Sliders Change the Way the Audience Interacts With Your WordPress Website

When your ultimate goal is nothing but conversions, for sure, the design of your website plays a vital role. Whether you are trying to get more traffic, grow your subscribers, gain more sales, or anything else, it’s quite important to pay attention to the visual appeal your website.

Out of all the methods that you can try, one of the best is to enhance the appearance is by adding attractive sliders. Not just they spice up your website but also add an extra layer of appeal to your content. Furthermore, sliders have also been said to form an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

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Since a few years, the usage of pictures on a website has become a kind of norm. Even, 32% of marketers believe that visual images are an integral part of their business. Since you’re going to post different WordPress image slider on your website, you shouldn’t be leaving behind the one that is known as Hero Sliders.

Surely, not many people would be aware of this term in general. If such is the case, here you can find out everything about how hero sliders can change the way your audience interacts with your WordPress website.

What is Hero Slider?

A hero slider has extended the idea of using hero images. With these sliders, you can display multiple images with the caption, animation, and transitions. And, this one usually sits right beneath the content. In a way, such sliders intend to provide an introduction of the content to your visitors.

Believe it or not, hero sliders are meant to welcome your audience, tell them a story, and can even motivate them to take the appropriate action. Considering all of these factors, you must not take them as anything random. However, it very easily justifies its name, isn’t it?

Although a majority of people only use pictures on their hero sliders, however, these days, people have even started experimenting and using other creative assets, such as short videos, artworks, and GIFs.

Benefits of Hero Sliders

Here are some best practices to create sliders.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of websites using hero sliders. With this slider, you can not only beguile your visitors but deliver your brand message effectively as well.

There would be several reasons why people are getting inclined towards using it. So, here are some of the considerable benefits of hero sliders.

  • Keeps Visitors Hooked:

Accept it or not, but the truth is that hero sliders have the power to keep your audience hooked for a longer period of time. There is no denying the fact that people have been preferring visual content over text content for quite a while now.

Although it all started with putting images on websites, however, today, your audience demands nothing but everything to be unique. So, if you are displaying different hero images on a hero slider, the technique will surely attract them for good.

  • Influences Visitors’ Opinions:

More than anything else, one aspect that may influence the opinion of your visitors is the quality of images that you’re using on your website. Whether you’re just uploading one or a multiple of them on the hero slider, if you’re keeping the quality high, it’ll be easier for you to establish trust among your visitors.

If your images are in HD and have been perfectly captured, they will automatically compel your audience to make a purchase. All you’d have to do is click enticing and publish qualitatively.

  • Makes Taking Action Easier:

While there’d be several different ways to showcase the USP of your brand or to put a CTA button in a unique manner, however, when you’re using a hero slider, things become all the way more appreciative.

When you put a hero slider on your landing page, your visitors wouldn’t resist clicking on it. And, if you are experimenting with the content published in the slider, it may even hike up your conversion rates.

  • Understandable for Visitors:

When you post content, there’s a possibility of people not understanding it. Either because of the language barrier or because of complicatedly crafted content, reasons can be several. However, when it comes to hero sliders, they’re surely easy to understand.

Whether you’re putting up images or videos, your audience is capable of consuming and understanding the visual content better than the written one.

  • It Makes Sense:

Not just using hero sliders will help your visitors understand but they’ll be able to correlate with your brand as well. If you’ve researched well-enough about your customers, you may have their requirements and needs in check.

You can relate to your brands as well as your products or services.

So, putting up those on display will instantly make sense to them. And, they’ll be able to relate to your brands as well as your products or services.

Best Practices for Hero Sliders

Before you take the plunge of adding hero sliders to your website, here are some best practices that will help you fulfill your purpose.

  • Use Qualitative Content:

Regardless of the type of content, you are putting up; you must ensure the quality of it. These days, not just the sizes of screens are increasing, but they are also coming up with larger and enhance resolutions.

Therefore, if you’re putting up an image or a video that doesn’t have proper quality, your visitors will pin-point it. It can leave a poor impression of your brand on them.

  • Don’t Go Overboard:

As much as you can, try and keep busy visual content away from your hero sliders. If your image or video has many elements. It may create distract your visitors from the message you’re trying to give.

Not just that but it may even make it harder for them to comprehend the text or the entire meaning of the slider content.

  • Ensure Responsiveness:

Once you’ve added the content to the slider, make sure it’s responsive enough and isn’t appearing out to be blurry. You can even try viewing it on a small screen and ensure that it isn’t cutting off.

  • Bold Typography:

Surely, your hero slider is going to capture a lot of attention. After all, that’s the reason it is there, right? Out of all the things, you can even add text on it if you want the message to be noticeable.

However, if you are doing so, ensure that you are using bold typography and legible colors to avoid miscommunication among your visitors.

  • Consider Placement:

While you might have figured out a perfect place to put up the hero slider, you must also do the same for elements that are going to go on it. If you are thinking to add text, buttons, CTAs, or other designing elements. Make sure you are putting them in such a way that they don’t hide essential parts of the image.

Placement of Hero Slider

  • Generally, a majority of people put hero images in the header section of a website. Undoubtedly, such sliders are going to work at their best when placed in this area.
  • If you want, you can even put a full-screen slider and can use it as a background slider for different page sections. In this case, the images would have to be merged into the parallax effect.
  • You can even use the slider on the landing page to attract visitors and gain more results.


Although hero images or hero headers have always been in trend, however, when combined with sliders, they give an even more appealing punch. If done in a correct way, these sliders can delivery clarity and context. Not just that but they can even help visitors understand what you are selling and why you are selling this.

So, if you haven’t used this element in your website yet, try it out once and experience the magic.

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