Facebook Privacy: Tips and Tools to Strengthen Your Account

Facebook Privacy: Tips and Tools to Strengthen Your Account

User privacy has never been the most critical concern for Facebook. Even though your personal data means a lot to you, it may not be something that is prioritized by the network. However, the recent news about the information of more than 50 million users…

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

A website is an asset of the company and if you are the owner of a WordPress site then it is your responsibility to assure that your site is safe and secure. For online success, you must have juggled with all kinds of things right…

Best Free Tools to Detect WordPress Theme and Plugin Vulnerability

Why do you need to do this? The fact is that it does not matter where you got this or that plugin and theme. Rather, in fact, it is important. However, even downloaded plug-ins from the official repository can have versions that contain various vulnerabilities….

Top Procedures for Crafting an Attractive WordPress Landing Page

WordPress Landing Page

A landing page of any website is a modified web page that is designed particularly to funnel visitors from adverts social media referrals and convert them to clienteles. A landing page is vastly targeted to elevate a business’ sales. It is quite important for any…

Hosting Warning Signs Guide – 21 Signs of a Poor Quality Web Host [Infographic]

Hosting Warning Signs Guide

Building a website has become superbly easy thanks to the wonderful CMS that is WordPress. With this CMS, you can build any kind of website you want. As it is an open-source platform that allows you the freedom to customize it as per your needs…

Moto Theme – The Best Marketing WordPress Theme?

Moto Theme - The Best Marketing Theme?

If you are an e-Commerce store or run a business that’s primarily online, then there is a WordPress theme that’s perfect for it. It’s called the Moto Theme. Touted to be the best marketing theme for WordPress, Moto offers a lot of features that are…

Top WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no debate in saying that ecommerce has entirely revolutionized retailing practices and has successfully emerged out as one of the most powerful business platforms. Ecommerce is already a multibillion-dollar industry and is further rising exponentially, and there is no holding back. Which is…