7 Things to Protect Your WordPress Site From

There is no doubt about the popularity and usability of WordPress which empowers a supremely high number of sites around the world. It’s continuously increasing popularity is making it a Good choice for the hacking attacks. Hackers usually attack the websites which are not properly…

Does Hosting Play a Part in the Success of Your Website?

Does Hosting Play a Part in the Success of Your Website?

Is it really possible for website hosting to play a part in the success of your website? So often, people think that building a successful website has to be hard and has to come about as a result of using complex components that are complicated….

Top Five WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Lively

Top Five WordPress Plugins

Ever since its release in 2003, WordPress has become the premier choice for website builders all across the globe. During earlier times, website building was a task only meant for professionals. As every effect on a website required long lines of coding. WordPress not only…

5 Best WordPress Themes and Plugins Deals from DealFuel

WordPress Themes and Plugins Deals from DealFuel

If you, like us, and use WordPress as a platform for your websites, we guess you are you familiar with WordPress themes and plugins? To boost your look, feel and function, it’s important to find great themes and plugins. It’s not a simple task. Trust…

Instagram Stats, Facts and Figures for 2018 [Infographic]

Instagram Stats, Facts and Figures for 2018.

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram has come a long way. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, saw so much potential in its benefits that he bought it for $1 billion in just less than 2 years after Instagram launched, and the platform has continued to grow…

12 Best WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugins

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Thanks to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has garnered much of people’s attention. People and businesses are buying thousands and millions of cryptocurrencies. That time is not far when cryptocurrency will soon turn into legitimate currency and will be recognized internationally. Those people, who are using WordPress can…

The Best Freebies Every Designer Must Have

Best Freebies

Starting up a business is a dream not everyone can conquer. And, if you are from the other lot of achievers, you must by now, know how difficult it is to keep a business up and running, isn’t it? With innumerable things going on at…