10 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins in 2024

WordPress is the best Content Management System by far. It enables you to maintain an online presence with its innovative and functionality-rich platform.

But, you still need to work on your website’s optimization to make its speed faster. For that reason, WordPress speed optimization plugins have a huge role to play.

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Such plugins speed up your website significantly if you implement the right strategies with them. One of the more popular options is WP Rocket. This plugin sorts out caching to optimize your website.

Similarly, Perfmatters is another plugin that optimizes your website’s speed by removing junk and unused code from it.

We will cover the 10 best WordPress speed optimization plugins in this article. Read till the end to find out valuable information about plugins that will speed up your website.

Also, we have provided an exclusive discount coupon for one of the plugins so don’t miss out!

What Is WordPress Speed Optimization and Why Is It Important?

Let’s build some context before we get into the list of the top 10 WordPress plugins for speed optimization.

When you keep uploading content to your website and do not optimize its media and images, the site will eventually take longer than usual to load. Over time, junk/unused code will also build up on your website.

All of this needs to be managed and monitored. To clear up unused code, optimize a website’s media, and management of other related things means you are optimizing it for better speeds.

However, not all of this is possible manually. This is where the role of speed optimization plugins comes in.

Now that you understand WordPress speed optimization, let us share the list of the 10 plugins that do it best!

10 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a speed optimization plugin for WordPress websites.

The first name on our list has to be WP Rocket. It is sort of an all-in-one speed optimization plugin for WordPress websites. The plugin works on the improvement of your website’s Core Web Vitals and also manages its caching.

Its key features include caching your website, managing its CSS and Javascript code for optimization, and optimizing your site’s loading speed.

Pricing: You can purchase the WP Rocket WordPress plugin in up to three pricing plans.

The first plan will only cost you $59 per year. The next two pricing plans have the respective annual prices of $119 and $299. Its largest plan (the third one) includes access to the plugin for unlimited websites.


Perfmatters offers code-focused services that will optimize your website.

The next plugin I want to talk about is Perfmatters. It offers code-focused services that will optimize your website and make it load faster.

You can also expect improvement in the Core Web Vitals of your website after the installation of the Perfmatters plugin. The main purpose of this plugin is to clear up any unnecessary code available on your website.

Pricing: You can select from three annual pricing plans for this plugin.

The first option will cost you $24.95 for a single site subscription. The next plan includes up to 3 websites and costs $54.95 annually. Its largest pricing plan comes at $124.95 annually and offers unlimited websites.

You can use the coupon “GrabHosts” for an exclusive 20% discount on these pricing plans.


WP Optimize is a WordPress performance plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images, and caches your site.

The WP-Optimize is a plugin specifically created to boost the speed of WordPress websites. It has a simple working phenomenon where it implements lazy load and power tweaking features to speed up any website.

It also works on the WordPress core of your site. You can use WP-Optimize to schedule clean-ups of your website and optimize & convert images present on your website.

Pricing: Like the first two plugins on this list, the WP-Optimize plugin also has three pricing plans.

Its starter plan will only cost you $49 a year for up to 2 sites. You can purchase its second plan for $99 annually to use it on 2-5 websites. And lastly, the largest plan costs $199 and allows you to install the plugin on unlimited websites.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache will help your website become faster by managing its caching system.

W3 Total Cache is another caching plugin that will help your website become faster by managing its caching system.

It has plenty of useful features including the delay of scripts, lazy load of Google Maps, and full site delivery. The W3 Total Cache also optimizes and resizes the media available on your website to optimize its speed.

Pricing: The W3 Total Cache plugin has three pricing plans available.

The single-site license will cost you $99 every year while you need to pay $350 every year for the 5-site license. Its largest licensing plan includes up to 10 websites. You will have to pay $500 per year to get the largest pricing plan of this WordPress plugin.


Nitropack is another WordPress plugin that you can use to optimize your website for speed.

Another WordPress plugin that you can use to optimize your website for speed is Nitropack. This plugin has an advanced caching mechanism that will improve your website.

It also has all-in-one automated site optimization. Some of its key features include fast & easy setup, built-in global CDN, and complete image optimization.

Pricing: You can choose from monthly and annual subscriptions for the Nitropack plugin.

It has three pricing plans with a fourth one as a scalable option. The first two plans have monthly prices of $16.63 and $40.38 respectively. To get its largest pricing plan, you will need to pay $139.34 every month.

Litespeed Cache

Litespeed Cache offers speed optimization through caching.

Litespeed Cache is a free plugin for WordPress that offers speed optimization through caching. The plugin comes with a unique caching mechanism that almost certainly leads your website to faster loading.

The plugin currently has over 4 million active installations.

Some of the key features of the LiteSpeed cache plugin include CSS/Javascript combination, HTTP management, crawler, and private cache.

It can also lazy load images on your website to reduce its loading time. Database optimization and a dedicated CDN are some of its additional features.

Pricing: Free.

EWW Image Optimizer

The EWW Image Optimizer plugin optimize the speed of your website.

The EWW Image Optimizer plugin is one of the media-focused plugins that work on your website’s speed optimization. It saves you storage and makes your website load faster by reducing the load on it.

It is famous for its smart optimization techniques where images retain their quality and details but are reduced in size.

Pricing: You can select from three different pricing plans when buying the EWW Image Optimizer plugin.

The starting price for this plugin is only $7 a month. You can purchase its other pricing plans for $15 and $25 respectively. It also offers annual pricing options that come with discounted prices.

WP Super Cache

Speed Optimization Plugins - WP Super Cache optimize your website for a faster speed.

Another free plugin in our list of the best. WP Super Cache plugin works the WordPress core and PHP scripts to optimize your website for a faster speed.

Your website will experience an overall faster performance after this plugin is installed and activated to complete its job routinely. This plugin has more than a million installations as of now.

Some key features of the WP Super Cache plugin include smart cache mechanisms, serving of static HTML files, and multiple caching file types.

This plugin also comes with CDN support and page compression features. It has steady customer support and will resolve your issue in a quick time.

Pricing: Free.

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache comes with SSL support, CDN support, and Cloudflare support.

This WordPress plugin comes with plenty of additional features that you might not get with some free plugins.

WP Fastest Cache is a caching plugin that provides mobile, desktop, and widget caches for your website’s performance optimization. It also has other features such as the minification of CSS and Javascript.

Pricing: You can choose from up to four pricing plans when purchasing this plugin.

Its starter plan will cost you $49 once in a lifetime. The prices for the next two plans are $125 and $175 respectively. While the largest plan of this plugin requires a one-time payment of $300.


Speed Optimization - Autoptimize optimizes the images on your website

The last plugin in the list of the best speed optimization plugins is Autoptimize.

It has three key features where it optimizes the images on your website, automatically creates rules for CSS, and provides CSS and Javascript delays for your website. All of its features help optimize your WordPress website’s speed.

Pricing: You can choose from monthly and annual subscriptions for this plugin. The monthly subscription is priced at $11.99. The Autoptimize annual plan will cost you $79 with the exclusive discount available on its website.

Final Words

WordPress speed optimization is an important aspect of all websites. No website can be perfect on its own and the usage of external speed optimization plugins is recommended by WordPress itself. These plugins help in making your website lighter and faster.

With a range of options available in the market, the choice becomes hard sometimes. That is why we provided a list of the 10 best WordPress plugins to optimize your website’s speed in 2024. In this list, we focused on explaining the features of plugins such as WP Rocket and Perfmatters.

Furthermore, we provided pricing details of each plugin to make it easier for you to choose one plugin. The ultimate choice should depend on your website’s requirements and your personal preference. Feel free to ask any related questions in the comments!

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