Using SaaS to Improve WordPress E-commerce Customer Experience

Do you want to improve the WordPress E-commerce customer experience using SaaS E-commerce Solutions? 

With the widespread use of the Internet, e-commerce is rapidly growing and is now a $5 trillion global industry. E-commerce is a method of buying and selling goods and services online. 

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According to OptinMonster reports, 94% of internet users have bought products online. Online business not only supports your business but also helps with brand awareness and promotion. 

Many positive and negative factors significantly impact your e-commerce business. One of these factors is the customer experience, which is now the number one priority for digital stores. 

Over 75% of online buyers state that their loyalty to a brand depends on how it treats them. If they have a good customer experience, they become regular customers. 

Customer loyalty refers to the tendency of customers to continue buying from a particular brand or company. It is a key driver of repeat business and can significantly impact a company’s sales and profitability. However, if treated well, they will stay in their carts and return. 

In our article, we will discuss how using SaaS can improve WordPress’s E-commerce customer experience.

Let’s start. 

What is E-commerce Customer Experience?

E-commerce customer experience refers to how your customers view your brand.

E-commerce customer experience refers to how your customers view your brand. It is the overall satisfaction and interaction that buyers have when purchasing online.  CX encompasses every interaction your customer has with you, from initial browsing to post-purchase support. 

A positive CX is the backbone of online businesses because it directly impacts customer satisfaction, support, loyalty, and the long-term success of your digital venture. E-commerce stores with above-average CX have 20% higher conversion rates than those that need to provide better CX. 

Critical components of CX include your website’s design, WooCommerce banner, user interface, and online support. Well-designed websites with intuitive user interfaces improve user experience and generate more revenue.

If you genuinely want to promote your brand and flourish your e-commerce business, ensure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You improve your user experience with SaaS E-commerce Solutions. 

What is a SaaS eCommerce Platform?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce Platform is a cloud-based solution that allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps, tools, and infrastructure to build and operate their digital stores over the Internet. It helps e-commerce businesses manage the various aspects of their e-commerce operations. 

Some common examples of SaaS e-commerce platforms specifically designed for WordPress E-commerce are WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. These platforms provide a range of features and tools to help you improve your e-commerce business and grow your sales. 

SaaS eCommerce solutions simplify e-commerce for shoppers and retailers. They provide users with online user-friendly, secure, reliable, scalable, built-in analytics, customization, customer support, and a cost-effective way to set up and manage the operations of e-commerce businesses.

These benefits can help you enhance customer experience, increase sales, and improve your overall business efficiency. 

Using SaaS to Improve WordPress E-commerce Customer Experience

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SaaS e-commerce platforms have gained popularity over the past few years because of their distinct advantages and excellent features. SaaS solutions are widely popular among the WordPress communities owing to their use for improving the WordPress E-commerce customer experience. 

By harnessing the power of SaaS, you cannot only boost your revenue through WooCommerce pre-orders but also stay competitive by managing all aspects of your online presence. SaaS enables you to ensure a top-notch customer experience, from product listings and customer service to payment processing and fulfillment. 

Remember, customer experience is not just about how customers view, use, and interact with you and others. It’s about how they feel, and SaaS can help you make them feel great about your brand. 

SaaS platforms offer you different tools to ensure a seamless E-commerce customer experience. You can use multiple strategies to enhance your CX and boost your sales

1. Use Social Media To Reach a Wide Audience

WordPress provides a range of plug-ins that automatically let you publish and share content to your social media accounts.

With the surge in smart devices, social media channels have become widely used. Each social media channel, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter, has millions of worldwide users. These platforms provide opportunities for e-commerce businesses to reach a large audience. 

Proper use of these channels can help you engage with your customers and learn more about them. Interactive media platforms are the best and most cost-effective ways to advertise your brands, and they are also the best tools for customer service. 

By actively responding to customer queries and feedback on social media, you can enhance their experience and build a positive brand image. 

Be active on these channels and post high-quality images and compelling blog posts about your products or services. SaaS E-Commerce solutions provide tools that help you provide an immersive E-commerce customer experience to your customers. 

For example, you can manage your social media customer service through a chat app on your e-commerce site. You can also move the conversation to phone or email. 

2. Use CRM Software To Optimize Customer Experience

CRM helps you provide a consistent E-commerce customer experience at every touchpoint. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps e-commerce businesses track, manage, and maintain a constant relationship with their customers.

It allows you to store and access customer data, track customer interactions, and manage customer support tickets, all in one place. This can help you personalize your interactions with customers, understand their needs better, and provide more effective support, thereby enhancing their experience.  

These tools help you collect and manage all data about your clients in one place. This data helps you understand trends in your customers’ behavior and make changes according to their needs, interests, and preferences in your future marketing strategies. 

You can get support from various SaaS marketing agencies to run your marketing campaigns more effectively. These agencies are experienced and can give you more accurate solutions. 

3. Add Live Chat Support on Your Website

A live chat feature is one of the best ways for e-commerce to boost sales.

A live chat feature is one of the best ways for e-commerce to boost sales. It helps you interact with your clients and gives them the information they need. Live chat support will help you eliminate obstacles between you and your customers and make the buying process easier. 

By providing instant and personalized support, you can address customer queries and concerns in real time, improving their experience and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. 

Live chat reduces friction on your site and lets your clients talk to you about your products or services directly. E-commerce businesses that ensure live chat support get 30% more conversions compared to those that don’t support live chat.

To do this, you can integrate a chatbot into your website. This is the best way to sell the services that require consultation. Live chat support helps address customers’ complaints on time. They need not wait for hours or days for emails or replies to certain purchases. 

SaaS companies provide you with various live chat tools like Dashy live chat, intercom live chat, Zendesk Live, and HubSpot.

4. Send Out Customer Onboarding Surveys and Ask for Customer Feedback

Onboard surveys and customer feedback are the best way to understand changing customer behavior trends.  Customers like to give feedback and answer the onboard surveys to an e-commerce business that provides excellent as revealed by PwC reports. 

Through these surveys, companies can learn about pain points, needs, interests, and preferences and adjust their future strategies accordingly. You can also ask your customers for feedback on your products or services.

This information will help you improve your onboarding process and make it fit for all. SaaS platforms provide tools for automating the onboarding process, which enables you to save time and resources. 

5. Create Personalized Offers for Repeat Customers

You can make personalized offers through channels like email, onboard surveys, and in-app messages. 

Personalization has become the talk of the town because of its effectiveness in marketing campaigns. You can use CRM data to get all customer information and make personalized offers through various iterating channels like email, onboard surveys, and in-app messages. 

SaaS e-commerce solutions help you leverage your customers’ data and deliver unique and tailored experiences for each user. Personalization with SaaS helps e-commerce businesses improve CX and achieve higher conversions.

6. Offer Various Payment Options

Offering various payment options is the best way to improve the e-commerce customer experience.

Websites that provide more than two payment gateways experience higher conversions. Various payment options help you foster client loyalty and boost your sales.

Moreover, simplify your payment and checkout processes. Reduce your payment frictions with the help of SaaS E-Commerce Solutions. 


Improving E-commerce customer experience is the top priority of every shopper and retailer because of its effectiveness in enhancing conversions and improving sales. SaaS e-commerce solutions help you improve your E-commerce customer experience and make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate.

SaaS companies organize your company’s data and manage it effectively. Various SaaS tools are available to professionally manage all aspects of your e-commerce stores. You can use SaaS to improve your WordPress e-commerce CX and boost your sales to the next level. 

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