WPDeveloper Announces Its Expansion with Startise, it’s New Parent Company

WPDeveloper stands out as a prominent WordPress product company with its impressive lineup of 30+ plugins and solutions, enabling over 6 million users from 180+ countries in distinctive ways.

Leading the charge in effortless WordPress website-building for over 10 years, WPDeveloper has consistently been a pioneer in innovative solutions that help businesses grow.

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However, recently, WPDeveloper amazed the entire WordPress & Tech community around the world by unveiling its parent company, Startise, in a “Grand Surprise Event” at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bangladesh.

Introduction of WPDeveloper

WPDeveloper is a leading WordPress product company.

This leading WordPress product company has been making waves in the community with its arsenal of 30+ advanced Plugins and SaaS solutions. The founder of the company is M Asif Rahman, the CEO is Nazmul H. Rupok & the CMO is Afshana Diya.

An ever-growing team of over 100 smart people worked hard behind the scenes to help design and develop no-code solutions that can help businesses grow their digital presence with powerful WordPress websites. 

These plugins include popular names from the WordPress directory such as Essential Addons for Elementor, with 2 Million+ happy users, Disable Comments with 1 Million+ active installations, Essential Blocks for Gutenberg with 100,000+ web-builders, and so many more.

Its flagship product, Essential Addons, ranks within the top 30 WordPress plugins and powers up at least 1 new Elementor website every MINUTE.

Moreover, team WPDeveloper continuously gives back to the global and local WordPress communities by dedicatedly contributing to the platform’s core and by taking part in various WordCamps, meetups, and events.

Let’s Take a Look at the Key Highlights

They have around 30+ WordPress products

????Their WordPress plugins are used by 6 Million+ happy users in 180+ countries.

????Essential Addons has 2 Million+ users and ranks among the top 30 WordPress plugins.

????WPDeveloper is ranked 3rd among 179 companies for having the largest number of contributors in WordPress 6.1 Core contribution.

????WPDeveloper secured 2nd place among 145 companies. Bangladesh also achieved 2nd place among the top contributing countries in WordPress 6.2 Core contribution.


  • WPDeveloper sponsored WordCamp Asia-2023 which was held in Thailand
  • WPDeveloper Was A Proud Platinum Sponsor in WordCamp Kolkata-2022
  • WPDeveloper Sponsored ‘Design Summit 2022’ In Bangladesh
  • WPDeveloper was a proud sponsor in WordCamp Sylhet-2023
  • WPDeveloper Sponsored ‘Artisanal Convergence 2023’ – Design Summit In Bangladesh

The WPDeveloper team strongly believes ‘good for the business’ should also mean ‘good for the customers’. The goal is to make website development easier, faster, and more efficient so that users can focus on what matters to their business.

Why Has It Launched a New Parent Company?

February 2024, WPDeveloper introduced its parent company, Startise

This February 2024, WPDeveloper introduced its parent company, Startise – a pioneering force between this WordPress company and many other subsidiaries. The goal of Startise is to enhance user experiences across the web and beyond. 

Its diverse and specialized portfolio contains 5 major brands, including WPDeveloper. The other 4 key brands are: Templately, xCloud, and easy. jobs, and Storeware.

Templately is a popular WordPress templates cloud and plugin that helps users create and manage pre-designed website templates. Templately boasts a vast template library of 5000+ designs and cloud collaboration tools, fostering creativity and efficiency for various purposes such as blogs, business websites, eCommerce websites, portfolios, and more.  

Besides, easy.jobs, is an AI-powered remote hiring SaaS platform,  that lets you attract, evaluate, and most importantly, recruit candidates with excellently managed job posts. It is one of the most promising recruitment tools recognized by more than 8,000+ organizations. And it is GDPR compliant.

On the other hand, xCloud revolutionizes WordPress hosting, offering advanced solutions that redefine reliability and performance. With xCloud servers, you can easily improve the performance and security of your website. 

Lastly, Storeware specializes in amplifying Shopify stores, contributing to growth and innovation in e-commerce. In Storeware they have some apps such as StoreSEO, BetterDocs For Shopify, Trust.Sync, StoreFAQ.

Each company plays a unique role, collectively shaping a landscape of innovation and efficiency in their respective domains. Startise brings these five brands under one umbrella to foster excellence and help millions globally in their pursuit of growth and success.

The Promises That Will Be Kept by Startise

At Startise, the team aims to leverage the power of its brands and innovative solutions to support users

At Startise, the team aims to leverage the power of its brands and innovative solutions to support users through a wide range of ventures on their entrepreneurial journeys.

They don’t just help startups and enterprises, but they also make website building, cloud hosting, and other SaaS opportunities better for millions of people worldwide. With a strategic portfolio of dynamic subsidiaries, they facilitate global growth for startups, businesses, and individuals in the tech world and beyond.

M Asif Rahman, Founder & Chairman of Startise, shared insights into the company’s vision, highlighting its departure from traditional business models. 

“Not a traditional brand, we envision a core group that will foster innovation and growth, and have the potential to stand tall globally.” M Asif Rahman stated, underscoring Startise’s commitment to pioneering new approaches in the industry.

Besides, the Co-Founder & Managing Director, Nazmul Hasan Rupok expressed enthusiasm for Startise’s mission, remarking, “As the parent company, Startise embarks on a journey to nurture diverse ventures, shaping the future across the tech landscape and beyond. I’m truly excited for this new chapter of our innovation with my cherished team, filled with enthusiasm and anticipation.”

Further elaborating on Startise’s mission, Afshana Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), emphasized the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities. 

She said, “Startise is more than a name, more than a brand – it’s a promise of innovation in tech and beyond. We are looking forward to redefining what’s possible from Bangladesh and helping globally to achieve sustainable business growth using our solutions.”

The words from Startise’s leadership reflect a shared desire to transform the business environment, utilizing innovation and diversity to push the organization to new levels of success.

The Surprises of the Event

The surprise event, where WPDeveloper introduced Startise, was unforgettable. There were more than 500 invitees, including the company’s employees and their family members, tech industry leaders, and renowned personalities from different industries.

The tech industry leaders talked about the success and achievements of WPDeveloper and the journey of Startise on the stage.

The company kept the event name as “Grand Surprise Event” which made industry people think and guess about what it was. But the surprise was to bring about Startise, the parent company of WPDeveloper, to everyone.

Various segments have been incorporated to enhance the exclusivity and excitement of the event. One standout feature was the QR code system to reveal Startise. A massive screen held a mysterious QR code, people started to scan it.

Suddenly, the room lit up with the logo of Startise. The simple QR code turned into a symbol of shared excitement, showcasing Startise’s knack for creating memorable and inclusive experiences in the city of innovation.

WPDeveloper enters a fresh phase alongside Startise

Moreover, the company also focused on profit sharing among employees, which was meant to inspire and motivate them by acknowledging the value of their work and ensuring they receive proper recognition for their contributions.

In addition, there was a giveaway part intended to engage families in workplace events and build a feeling of community among employees and their loved ones.


WPDeveloper enters a fresh phase alongside Startise, where creativity knows no limits and the future of tech holds endless possibilities.

Startise is here to make things smoother for all users. They’re committed to doing their best, helping businesses grow and develop new ideas, making success easier worldwide.

This is a guest post from WPDeveloper.

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