Artificial Intelligence and WordPress: Which Plugins Use the Latest AI Technologies?

The most widely-used CMS platform, WordPress, can boast of utilizing the latest technologies to improve its functionality and provide users with exceptional opportunities.

This resource uses artificial intelligence to help website owners manage content as well as plan posting and other procedures. The modern technologies continue developing and such popular platforms as WordPress are looking for the most efficient ways to utilize the fruits of progress.

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Let’s take a closer look at some plugins that actively use AI. Of course, WordPress has much more to offer, however, we are going to focus on some simple modules that might interest every website owner.

Recommendations for Users

Related Posts scans users’ behavior and guess their interests.

Your visitors will surely stay on your resource for a longer period of time if you have something more to show them. Therefore, using a Related Posts mode is crucial to improve user experience and motivate them to check more content located on your site.

This plugin scans users’ behavior and tries to guess their interests and preferences basing on the articles they have already read. To provide them with more content, the tool shows a list of suggested articles your visitors might like. This way, they get more valuable information and stay on the site for long.

Content Management

Wordlift improve your content and process the materials your users are interested in.

Wordlift is an advanced instrument to improve your content and process the materials your users are interested in. It understands human language and detects various types of visuals, figuring which type of content your visitors may like. Then it uses this knowledge to adjust the content and make it even more amazing and eye-catching.

Relevant Articles

My Curator, curate the most relevant and popular articles.

Even a professional writer may find it difficult to compose blog posts every day. WordPress took care of bloggers and provided them with My Curator, a plugin that picks the most relevant and popular articles from other resources.

The tool focuses on your central themes and users’ preferences, so it knows what exactly your readers may find valuable. With its help, you can provide your audience with fresh articles on a regular basis even if you don’t have time and ideas to create new posts on your own.

Online Chats

Chatbot learns really fast and can serve as a reliable operator.

If you own an online shop or any other similar service, you need your Customer Support to be available 24/7. What if you don’t have enough resources to hire people? Then you should get yourself a Chatbot. Thanks to AI technologies, Chatbot learns really fast and can serve as a reliable operator.

This tool can answer the questions of your customers and suggest solutions basing on its knowledge. A chatbot is perfect when it comes to common questions most customers may have. It can serve as an online consultant and help your visitors find answers to most of their requests. This tool will decrease the amount of your work significantly.


You can translate your site to different languages with Google Language Translator.

If you want to have customers and visitors from all corners of the world, then you need to translate your site to different languages. Indeed, it is a time-consuming task, especially when you are not a polyglot.

At this point, Google Language Translator plugin comes to the rescue. This instrument checks your user and defines his/her native language. Then it automatically translates your resource and makes it available for everyone.

Prevention of Spam and Malware

AI Technologies - Quettera Web Malware Scanner, is a plugin to prevent malware.

To save your website from danger, WordPress has created Quettera Web Malware Scanner, a plugin that knows how to prevent various types of malware. The developers have implemented machine learning principles in this tool, so it can easily distinguish infected files, worms, spies, code/password prowlers, and other harmful elements.

The mode can detect automatically-created and manually-made content. If you are worried about your users’ security, make sure to get yourself this plugin. This is especially important if you have order/payment forms and downloadable materials located on your site.

Bloggers and writers have to take care of spam that will unavoidably sneak into their pages. It’s natural for spam to appear at any place where comments can be left free. Akismet is a tool that fights spam and checks the comments instead of you. With the help of AI technologies, Akismet can categorize posts and detect various forms of spam. Install it and you won’t need to do this yourself.

Wrapping Up

There are even more WordPress plugins that utilize artificial intelligence to provide both website owners and users with amazing opportunities. Indeed, these tools decrease the amount of work you need to do yourself, providing you with automatized (but smart!) solutions.

We believe that AI makes WordPress even more amazing. Hopefully, this platform will treat us with new technologies in the nearest future!

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