E-commerce Product Page Design: Best Practices & Tips For Web Designers

Designing an e-commerce product page layout that your customers enjoy browsing and encouraging them to open their pockets is just a daunting task. Keeping this in mind, if you want to capture sales then it is important to create a surprisingly designed website.

Whether you are choosing your first Shopify theme or building a Bespoke site from scratch, your virtual storefront is the face of your business, and it looks like it will affect the behavior of the buyer and the brand’s perceptions.

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Keep User in Mind

The product can contribute to the decision of the user to potentially purchase every detail of your website to contact the form with images. This is the reason why you should keep in mind the user with every decision you make when you are talking about your importance of e-commerce web design. The user experience is paramount for converting visitors into customers and changing customers into repeat customers.

Not sure if your website has a good user experience or not? Get a second opinion by including a friend or recruiting anyone to see on your website. Do they rate your site on utility, ease of navigation, visual appeal, and overall satisfaction?

Use a View Cart Button

Most e-commerce sites usually have a small shopping cart icon.

You’ve probably seen that most e-commerce sites usually have a small shopping cart icon on each page (usually the top right corner) that allows users to easily view items added to their cart. This is the most important strategies in e-commerce.

The conversion rate has increased due to this button being visible at all times. Just make sure that the icon is something recognizable like shopping carts or shopping bags. The last thing you want to do is confusing people.

Since this is one of the most important buttons on your entire website, we recommend making it stand using the brightly colored background color. To make it easier to find it should be bigger than other buttons.

Quality Pictures

Probably the biggest pain point for online shoppers is that they cannot personally see the products before buying them with brick and mortar stores. To reduce this pain point, you will need to increase your e-commerce web design to high-quality product images and even video based on the product.

There is a complete need to have high-resolution photos. Any blurring or pixilation can change-become customers; think that your product is cheap. Consider creating a photo gallery for each product so that users can click through them and see multiple angles of each product.

A popular feature is a pop-up box where people can zoom in on a particular image and see great details. It is close enough to allow visitors to take a product physically and check it before purchasing.

If possible, then use images of people’s lifestyles that are actually using or interacting with your products. The clothes are being worn by the model rather than being kept flat or on Mannequin when it is very attractive. Similarly, some e-commerce products are easy to sell when you can show them in action.

Include Review and/or Testimonials

Include Review and/or Testimonials

61% of online shoppers report reading customer reviews before deciding to buy a product. You can use this helpful data on your website including your reviews and testimonials. Customer Review is a quick and easy way to quickly promote sales and conversions.

An effective E-commerce web design strategy is to include product-specific reviews directly under the description of each product. If you do not have many different products. You can also include a completely different page of your site for review and testimonials.

Good Product Photography

Online looks like everything and such a product is not more non-commercial than an image. Which has bad light, the poor focus is too small, or only low quality. This is the reason why it pays to ensure that any product photography looks clean and professional. Your e-commerce theme layout should show your products un-tampered, so you have to make sure your e-commerce products are worth looking.

Search Functionality

Search functionality is essential for any website.

Search functionality is essential for any website. If you want your customers to buy your products, then you have to make it easy for them to find what they need. Make sure that your design theme includes text search options, ranges by category, and provides the structure of your e-commerce site so that everything can be clearly defined and easy to navigate.

FAQs and General Information

The more information you can provide about your e-commerce products, the more chance that you are going to sell. Once again, the goal is to make customers easy to shop. Include explicitly formatted information such as:

  • Frequently Asked question.
  • Delivery Information.
  • Information about returns and warranties.
  • Change of shape (if you sell clothes or shoes).


Test and analyse your business.

Decide whether to go with a testimonial or review, the structure of your business, the products you provide and even who are your customers. For example, the review will be useful for the distributor, but the brand owner can like the testimonials.

The only way to see that the review will help or obstruct, test, test, test your business. A bad review can hurt your business because customers will doubt the standard of your product. On the other hand, if you have a good percentage of good reviews and some bad people. Then the customer will see you as being open and honest.

If you get poor reviews, then be sure to follow it promptly so that customers can see that you will work from time to time to solve any problem.

Social Media

Carefully be in the social media buttons e-commerce website development. Choose anywhere that will not dominate the page, but still noticeable. There are great placement options in the upper right hand and lower right corner corners.

Just see how each product page contains social media buttons so that users can easily share different products on their social media network:

As an e-commerce site with lots of images, you would like to take advantage of Pinterest. Pinterest is often an approximate marketing tool. But insiders know that being on Pinterest gives you a large internet presence and your Google-efficiency increases. If you have beautiful, high-quality images, a simple click and pin of your product can know your business for thousands of people.

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