6 WordPress Myths You Must Debunk Now

If you are considering starting a website, you have probably read many myths about WordPress. That is why you will know the truth about this incredible content management system and its advantages today.

Despite its humble beginnings, WordPress is here to stay. Today it is used by more websites than any other platform or content management system.

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According to studies, WordPress is used by 55% of all Internet sites, being the most popular content management system in the world.

According to studies, WordPress is used by 55% of all Internet sites.

Despite this, WordPress continues to suffer from many criticisms and myths that are not correct, its capabilities, and what it can be used for. Learn the truth behind these six common WordPress myths about this popular content management tool.

1. WordPress is Only for Bloggers

WordPress was born in 2003 as a blogging tool and built on an existing platform called B2/cafelog.

Since then, users have created all kinds of WordPress sites, eCommerce stores, company e-catalogs, membership sites, and many more. You can use WordPress to create virtually any type of website you can imagine.

Although WordPress is easy to use due to its intuitive system, one of its main attractions is that you can modify your website to your liking. Allowing you to add plugins add more functionality to your website.

Many advanced users work creating plugins to add more functionality that does not come in WordPress Development.

2. You Cannot Sell Using WordPress

This one is easy to debunk as the numbers tell a different story. A survey data confirms that WooCommerce is used by at least 3,876,748 websites around the world.

WooCommerce is used by over 3,876,748 websites around the world.

WooCommerce is so popular because it is easy to set up and use and has thousands of different themes. Thanks to this, an electronic store is available to anyone, and there is no need to be a programmer to achieve it.

Keep in mind that creating an online store is not an easy task, but experts have created plugins like WooCommerce to make it easier for you.

3. WordPress Collapses With Many Users

Scalability relative to a website is the ability of a site to handle a more significant workload. That is, how it supports high traffic without slowing down the website or taking it down.

It is influenced by the hosting you can use and also the CMS you use. You can have the website ultra-compact to avoid problems, but if your hosting configuration is not correct, your website will suffer if it increases traffic.

It means that WordPress, like any other CMS, is only one side of the equation. In the right hands, WordPress can be configured to produce maximum performance and use minimal server resources.

4. You Will Not Have Support

Many may complain that WordPress has no customer service.

Many may complain that WordPress has no customer service. And although this is true, you will never be alone when having a problem.

Since WordPress is free and easy to set up, many people in the world already use it. And best of all, they participate in your user base for problem-solving.

No matter what problem you may run into throughout your WordPress journey, you are almost guaranteed that someone else has been in a similar situation to you before and has already asked about it.

The WordPress knowledge base has an extensive library of articles, but there are also community support forums where people have been asking questions and sharing their knowledge for many years.

WordPress themes and plugins also have their dedicated forums. Then, many websites are dedicated to WordPress themes, many with detailed tutorials and videos.

All of this support is free, but priority support is usually included in the purchase price if you purchased a plugin. And if you choose to host your website with WordPress.com (instead of hosting your site), all plans include live chat and email support.

5. They Can Easily Hack You

It is a tricky topic because there are many conflicting claims; some say WordPress is insecure, and some say it is not.

The WordPress CMS itself is usually not the culprit when it comes to hacked sites, but rather the plugins that have been used on it, particularly the ones that haven’t been updated for a while.

Plugins are often developed by individuals or small teams who do not have the same resources as the core WordPress development team to perform security checks.

With its software up to date, any site that is not actively maintained is vulnerable to hacking attempts. It happens with all sites powered by a CMS.

In the hands of seasoned professionals, a WordPress site can be made very secure. Many developers install security plugins to help keep their websites and their customers’ websites safe.

6. Pages in WordPress do not Work Well on Mobile Devices

WordPress do not Work Well on mobile devices.

We have already spoken several times here on our blog about how it is important to have a page with a responsive design, that is, that can be used both on computers and mobile devices.

One of the WordPress myths is precisely the lack of that sensitivity that is not the fault of WordPress itself. The platform has a series of free and paid themes that determine the design of your page.

Therefore, the business owner must investigate whether the theme he uses in his online business has this design type.

You can’t expect a responsive design from a theme that doesn’t have it. Therefore, you must pay attention to that detail before downloading or buying a theme for your virtual store.

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