WordPress 5.2.4 Is Now Available

WordPress 5.2.4, which is a security version, was recently released a couple of days ago to fix several detected security issues.

WordPress versions 5.2.3 and earlier versions of WordPress are affected by these issues and bugs. WordPress 5.2.4 Security Release fixes six security issues to increase security and minimize the risks of security loopholes.

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In anticipation of the major release of WordPress 5.3, which is scheduled to be released around November 12, 2019. It is already possible to discover and test news in WordPress 5.3 by first installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin and then the latest Release Candidate for WordPress.

Security Updates in WordPress 5.2.4

As mentioned earlier, six security issues were discovered, which are now patched into this security version of WordPress. Some of the bugs are:

  • Evan Ricafort found a security risk where stored XSS (cross-site scripting) could be added via the Customizer.
  • J. D. Grimes discovered and disclosed a method of viewing unauthenticated posts.
  • Weston Ruter found a way to create a stored XSS to inject Javascript into style tags.

Plus, three more bugs that you can read more about on the WordPress blog here.


If your website does not update automatically. You can download WordPress 5.2.4 or update manually by going to Updates and click Update Now via your dashboard.

WordPress 5.3

If you want to know more about news and features in WordPress 5.3, there are already some articles published about WordPress 5.3. Here are some great and recommended articles for you to read.

What are your thoughts on WordPress 5.3? Have you tested any of the release candidates in your testing environment yet?

We would love to hear your opinions about WordPress 5.2.4 Security Release and WordPress 5.3, so leave a comment in the comment section below.

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