#3 WP Weekly Recap – WordPress vs. Medium, WordPress Security Plugins, Ultimate SEO Guide

A new exciting week in the WordPress community has passed with many great news and tips. In our new series WP Weekly Recap, we have looked high and low for great WordPress news to present every week.

As always, new interesting articles, tutorials, tips, and news about WordPress are presented. Here is this week’s #3 WP Weekly Recap with WordPress articles that are recommended reading.

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Here’s our third article:

#3 WP Weekly Recap

How to Use the Classic Editor with WordPress 5.0

There is a lot of talk about Gutenberg. The new block editor in WordPress 5.0. Have you started using Gutenberg yet? If you still hesitate, read this article from iThemes about how you can actually use the classic editor with WordPress 5.0. There are two different ways. » Read More

How to Create Reusable Blocks in WordPress

The new editor in WordPress uses content blocks to simplify the writing process. In this article from Elegant Themes, they explain what reusable blocks are, why they can be very useful. Here’s how you create reusable blocks in three simple steps. » Read More

How to Submit Your WordPress Theme to the WordPress Repository

#3 WP Weekly Recap - Submit Your WordPress Theme to the WordPress Repository

If you’ve been considering creating WordPress themes what’s more appropriate than submitting your awesome WordPress theme to the WordPress repository? This article from WP Newsify explains the process of how to proceed to get your WordPress theme approved in the best way in the WordPress repository. » Read More

WordPress vs. Medium: Comparing Apples & Oranges?

WordPress or Medium? Which blogging platforms do you prefer? Of course, there are both pros and cons for both platforms. In this article from weDevs, the differences between Medium and WordPress are compared. Which is the best one? » Read More

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)

Backing up your WordPress website is an essential task. The most common way is to use a backup plugin. There are a lot of plugins to choose from. Which is the best? WPBeginner compares the 7 best WordPress Backup plugins with pros and cons for each plugin. » Read More

How to Setup Google Tag Manager for WordPress

Have you heard about Google Tag Manager? This is a tool for digital tracking and if you want to know more about what it is. Why you need this tool, and how you install the Google Tag Manager. You should read this article from WPExplorer. » Read More

8 Effective WordPress Security Plugins and Tools To Keep Your Site Safe

It is an important and sometimes necessary task to secure your WordPress website. Because of all hackers and bots trying to take over your website. For more tips about plugins and tools to boost the security of your website, the Blogging Wizard has published an excellent article that is recommended reading. » Read More

Scheduling Your Content in WordPress: How to Do It Automatically?

How to Scheduling Your Content in WordPress

If you are going to publish an article on your WordPress website it may be useful or sometimes necessary to schedule the article to suit different purposes. There are various ways to schedule articles. In this article, you can learn how to boost both new and old articles. » Read More

8 Steps to Taking Over an Existing WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress freelancer or a company then there is a lot to consider if you are going to “take over” a clients website. In this article, you get great tips and also a checklist to follow when you will take over the management of WordPress sites you have not created or built. » Read More

Inner Links In Your SEO Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Have you set up an SEO strategy yet? There are numerous useful strategies and SEO rules to help and boost your website’s online presence. In this article, you will learn the best practice about internal links and how they affect the Google ranking. » Read More

This was this week’s WordPress news in our new series, and this was # 3 WP Weekly Recap. If you have WordPress news please share a comment or contact us via our contact form here.

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