7 Signs That Prove You Need To Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google has said that digital marketing is continuously changing, and the only way to succeed in this industry is by keeping up with any change. There are always new developments happening online, such as SEO companies are working great to provide digital marketers with the best strategies.

Let us take the example of a digital marketing agency in San Francisco that helps the digital marketing business drive real sales results.

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Online advertising has become another way to reach out to your target audience in the age of social media. 8 in 10 consumers believe that an ad doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to a paid search result as long as it’s relevant.

On that note, here are seven signs that suggest you need to update your digital marketing strategy:

1 . You’re Not Using Social Media

Most companies rely on their social media accounts for customer outreach and engagement.

Although traditional forms of marketing may still work for some businesses. Most companies must rely on their social media accounts for customer outreach and engagement.

75% of marketers worldwide use Twitter every day, while only 5% actively use LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft).

Even Instagram users increased by 24% in 2015, which means brands should allocate more resources for this platform in the future.

2 . Your Mobile Ads Are Limited To Email Blasts and QR Codes

Mobile devices have become tools for social media engagement, web browsing, file storage/sharing, taking pictures/video, or even watching videos on YouTube.

To connect with consumers in an era where mobile use has surpassed traditional computer usage, focus on improving your mobile ad campaigns by including ads in Facebook Messenger, Snapchat stories, and Instagram feeds.

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3 . You Haven’t Started Using AdWords Express or Other PPC Platforms

Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Use of AdWords Express or other PPC platforms.

Ad-buying isn’t just about opening up a browser tab and entering whatever you think would work – it’s about choosing highly relevant keywords that will eventually lead to conversions.

Using Google Adwords is one way to help improve the quality of your ads and, more importantly, reach out to potential customers.

4 . You Haven’t Optimized Your Website

Suppose you’re still using just H1 tags for titles. For example, you haven’t added an SSL certificate or fix broken links.

More importantly, not updating content/pages on your site is detrimental in SEO terms because Google will think your company has nothing new to offer consumers. Not only will this result in lower search rankings but less engagement as well. 

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5 . You Don’t Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

If your site is not mobile-friendly, mobile devices are less likely to load your pages.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you use social media – for example, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, mobile devices are less likely to load your pages/ads.

If you’re using a WordPress site, Google recommends upgrading to the latest version to improve mobile friendliness.

In terms of SEO. Having a responsive design is necessary for triggering keywords that are highly sought after by potential customers.

6 . You Don’t Measure ROI on PPC Campaigns

You can take your digital marketing campaign in many different directions. But not knowing whether or not it’s working will only mean wasted money and time.

Even with AdWords Express, it’s possible to check conversion rates and costs per click.

So there’s no excuse for not tracking these things. Especially if you plan on using PPC more often than other forms of advertising (print ads, billboards, etc.).

7 . You’re Not Using Different Ad Types to Your Advantage

Signs That Prove You Need To Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy - Use different Ad types.

Although ads on search engines tend to get more clicks than ads on social media. It’s important to remember that this isn’t the only form of online advertising.

Depending on how broad/narrow you’d like your scope to be. There are other options like image ads (LinkedIn), video ads (YouTube), and dynamic product ads (Amazon).

Don’t forget about retargeting either because many people don’t recall seeing banner advertisements until after they’ve already left a website!

Wrapping Up!

As we’ve said before, digital marketing is continuously evolving, and what used to work in the past may not work as well today.  That’s why it’s important for companies to regularly assess their marketing efforts then update/improve them if necessary.

If you are guilty of committing any of these seven deadly sins. Then it may be time to start considering whether or not there are ways in which you can improve your digital marketing strategy.

Since most companies have either started using social media or don’t plan on using it anytime soon. Marketers should ensure that their sites and ads provide an optimal user experience so customers won’t seek help from a competitor.

The good news? After learning about what’s considered ‘outdated’ in the world of marketing, you’ll probably feel inspired to try something new!

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