MilesWeb’s Rock Solid Dedicated Servers for Large Websites

Do you want to receive a top-notch performance for your website/application? For example, is your website loading speed, or has it started getting a large amount of traffic?

In this scenario, you need a dedicated server that meets its requirements. With this, you will not face any performance issues and, your website/applications will function smoothly.

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When you choose dedicated servers for your business, you have to rest assured as it gives high stability and reliability than other hosting options.

So, after getting a brief idea about the high-powered hosting solution, let me recommend a leading web host that offers the best & cheap dedicated server hosting.

MilesWeb it is! They offer the best dedicated server hosting for large websites/applications. MilesWeb also offers other hosting services like shared, WordPress, VPS, and SSD reseller hosting.

But, in this article, we will be focusing on their dedicated server plans.

You will know about their dedicated server pricing, features, and plans. So let us begin the article by learning about dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting is a service where you get considerable resources committed to a single hosting requirement. With this, you don’t share any server resources with other users and have complete control over the server resources like CPU, bandwidth, RAM according to your business needs.

Dedicated servers are best for high-demanding websites/applications. It comes with utmost security, flexibility and has a highly robust infrastructure.

Why Get a Dedicated Server?

  1. There are several reasons why you should have a dedicated server for mission-critical websites/applications. With dedicated hosting, you get complete control and access to the server. By no means sharing of server resources. It helps to improve the loading speed of websites/applications.
  2. When there is a need for additional resources for your website, a dedicated server is an apt hosting solution. It gives you ample of resources to operate smoothly without any hassle.
  3. With a dedicated server, you can customize the server in the way you want.
  4. A dedicated server is a highly robust and secured hosting solution for high-demanding websites or applications.

Know About MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Plans

MilesWeb has sixteen plans for dedicated server hosting. Each plan has the highest number of Intel CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, storage, and one dedicated IP.

MilesWeb has sixteen plans for dedicated server hosting.

Here is a summary of the resources you get with MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans.

E5-2609 2.4GHz is the base plan that costs Rs. 6,999/mo. With this plan, you get the below resources.

  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB SAS
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • One dedicated IP

2 x E5-2673 v4 3.3GHz is the high-end plan with (40 Cores + HT). It costs Rs. 46,999/mo and, it includes the below resources.

  • 256GB RAM
  • 4×1.2TB SAS
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • One dedicated IP

These ample resources make your website/application run smoothly without any hassle. As a result, you can select a plan that best meets the requirements of your websites/applications.

What Features Do MilesWeb Offer With Dedicated Servers?

With dedicated server plans, MilesWeb offers industry-leading features given below.

Dedicated Server in India

MilesWeb has a data center based in India. It is a perfect combination of high redundancy and capacity with network connectivity to reach Indian users. MilesWeb’s data center is ISO 27001 certified that guarantees extra security, uptime, and best-in-class performance to your website or applications.

Full Root Access & SFTP

With MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting, you get full root access to your server. It allows you to modify any file you want to on the server.

Also, you get the freedom to do server configurations, install applications of your choice, control the ports. Also, you can access and move files on your dedicated server with the help of SFTP.

Guaranteed Uptime 99.99%

MilesWeb provides a 99.99% uptime with its dedicated server plans. They assure this, considering the Tier-4 data center.

It has a rock-solid infrastructure, top-notch connectivity, and a high level of security. Their dedicated server architecture offers top-notch speed and high availability for your websites or applications.

No Setup Fees

You don’t have to pay any extra costs to set up the dedicated server. Also, there are no charges for installing the operating system, control panel, or any software that you want to install on the server.

MilesWeb’s team will set up your server as they receive your order. They make sure your server is set up without any uncertainties.

High Security

A dedicated server comes with a top-notch level of security. Your server will be devoted to you. So, there is no point in sharing server resources with other users. MilesWeb’s data center is highly secured but still allows you to install security software for additional security on the server.

Host Unlimited Websites

With MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans, you get an ample amount of resources. It also allows you to host as many websites as you want within the limits of resources allocated in your service plan. Also, maintenance is super easy when multiple websites are on a single server.


MilesWeb is among the leading dedicated hosting providers in the industry. Furthermore, with all dedicated server plans, you get full server control, 99.99% uptime SLA, security, and all the best features that your resource-intensive/large website needs to function smoothly and steadily.

Register for MilesWeb’s dedicated server plans and take your heavy resource website online today.

This post is a guest post by MilesWeb.

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