#5 WP Weekly Recap – State of WordPress, Building a WordPress Theme, Duplicate Content

A new exciting week in the WordPress community has passed. As usual, there have been interesting articles and news about WordPress, themes, plugins and more.

We have searched for great articles for our series WP Weekly Recap. We have put together a list of awesome WordPress related articles for you guys.

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Here’s our fifth article:

#5 WP Weekly Recap

WordPress Security – 19 Steps to Lock Down Your Site

In this article from Kinsta, you get great tips and how you can increase the security of your WordPress website. You also get strategies and techniques on how you can lock down your site to stop hackers and stay protected. » Read More

Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better? (Pros and Cons)

There is a lot of CMS (content management system) to choose from if you are considering starting a website. If you are considering using WordPress or Wix, you should read this article from WPBeginner – Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better? » Read More

State of WordPress and BuddyPress in 2019

State of WordPress and BuddyPress in 2019

WordPress started in 2003 as a simple blog platform. But over the years it has become the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. Baptiste Debever analyzes news and what happened last year in 2018 with WordPress and BuddyPress, and what we can expect next year, 2019. » Read More

Using the WordPress Classic Editor on New Websites

Do you use the new block editor Gutenberg, which was introduced in WordPress 5.0? Or you stick to the old classic editor? As you may know, the Classic editor is scheduled to be supported only until at least the end of 2021. This article from Speckyboy is great reading for those who stick to the Classic editor. » Read More

Building a WordPress Theme: Things to Consider in 2019 (And Beyond)

Are you considering building a WordPress theme? Then we recommend you read this article from WebDevStudios which writes about what is required, what’s new, and things to consider in 2019 if you want to build a building a WordPress theme. » Read More

How to Create a Multi-Language WordPress Site

If you are considering taking your website to international levels and provide content to consumers in other languages? One solution is to create a WordPress multi-language website. You can find more tips on how to translate your website in this article from Weglot. » Read More

WordPress Duplicate Content Issues and How to Fix Them

#5 WP Weekly Recap - If you have duplicate content on your WordPress website, it can affect your SEO negatively.

If you have duplicate content on your WordPress website, it can affect your SEO negatively. For example, search engines like Google can lower your rankings. So to solve the problem of duplicate content follow these tips that Mary Jones writes about on WP Plugnsify. » Read More

How To Fix ‘Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded’ WordPress Error

Have you encountered the error message – Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time Exceeded on your WordPress website? This error is not difficult to fix. Follow this guide from WPKube to solve the problem quickly and easily. » Read More

New WordPress 5.0 Features You Should Know About

With WordPress 5.0 came a lot of new great features. Above all, it is the new block editor Gutenberg that has been most focused on. In this article on WPBN, we also write about Gutenberg. But also other news in WordPress 5.0. » Read More

This was all for this week, folks! If you have WordPress news or articles to share, add a comment below or contact us via our Contact page.

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