TemplateMonster Loyalty Program Gives Cashback Bonuses for New Orders

What do you think about the opportunity to earn money for every each penny that you spend on the purchase of the things that you need? The loyalty programs have become really popular among multiple businesses worldwide.  Recently, TemplateMonster digital marketplace has started to pay back 3%-30% of cashback bonuses for each order that customers place on the site.

The TemplateMonster loyalty program is a great way to save extra cash on the purchase of cool digital products or even grab some at no cost. It works as easy as one, two, three. All that you need to do is to select a theme that participates in the loyalty program, add it to the cart, and complete the order. You will become the participant in the loyalty program as soon as you buy premium WordPress themes from TemplateMonster digital marketplace. You will be also provided with the cashback bonuses depending on the quantities of orders that you’ve placed and the total sum of cash that you’ve spent.

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Who Can Participate in the Loyalty Program?

Both new and the returning customers can earn bonuses for the new orders in the marketplace. TemplateMonster launched their loyalty program on November 13, 2017. So, each order that was placed on November 13 or later is automatically rewarded with some cash.

How to Make Sure That You Will Be Awarded with a Bonus?

At the moment, all themes from the marketplace participate in the loyalty program. In order to make sure that you will receive a bonus,  find a “loyalty program” icon on the product page of the chosen template.

Each vendor can decide whether or not he wants his digital products to participate in the loyalty program. The respective functionality is added to the vendor profiles, alongside with the ability to track the stats of the number of bonuses that the users have earned from the purchase of your digital products.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?

  • Only premium digital products participate in the loyalty program. You can earn 3%-30% of cashback bonuses for each order.
  • Use the bonuses to pay for other products that participate in the loyalty program. You can pay with bonuses for the entire order or partially. If the bonuses from your personal balance do not cover the order subtotal, then you can pay the rest of the sum using alternative payment methods.
  • The bonuses are added to the new orders that were placed after November 13, 2017.
  • Free themes do not participate in the loyalty program and do not affect your personal ranking.
  • The bonuses are valid for 1 year from the date when they were added. If you do not use them in 1 year, they will expire.

How to Calculate the Earnings?

The more frequently you buy themes and the more cash you spend, the more bonuses you earn. TemplateMonster loyalty program includes 4 different levels of the participants, which are influenced by the two major factors:

  1. The number of orders placed.
  2. The amount of cash spent.

Loyalty Program Gives Cashback Bonuses for New Orders

For example, for the 1st order of $80-$139, you will receive the 5% cashback bonus. For the 2nd order of $80-$139, you’ll earn the 10% bonus. The 3rd order for $80-$139 will bring the 15$ cashback. The 7th order for $80-$139 will add 25% to your personal balance.

So, are you ready to earn and spend your first cashback bonuses?

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