8 Tips to Become a Skilled WordPress Developer

In this world of information technology and globalization, every institution and organization requires a website or blog to be able to operate and expand its business. When coding was new and technology was not very advanced, developing websites used to be a daunting task and required exceptional skills of programming and coding.

However, with the introduction of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, this task became easier and a vast majority now develops and maintains their own websites and blogs all over the globe.

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The reason why CMS gained so much popularity is the fact that it does not require any difficult skill from the user. It is designed in a way that users are able to develop proper web pages without knowing programming languages like C++ and coding.

Hence, people no longer need to pay hefty amounts for website and blog development along with maintenance charges.

However, you can become a highly skilled WordPress developer by following these 8 useful tips:

8 Tips to Become a Skilled WordPress Developer

1. Watch Video Tutorials

Tips to Become a Skilled WordPress Developer

Almost everything is now available on video channels online including academic video lectures, seminars, TED talks, DIY tips, and the list goes on. Similarly, there are video tutorials for activities like guitar lessons, coding, and using WordPress.

As a beginner, watch beginner videos of using basic CMS tools and understanding the functionality of a CMS. Later on, you can also find problem-specific solution videos that can help you counter any confusion and problems with themes, plugins, tools, and interfaces.

Although you will be able to find a wide range of videos on the internet. It is suggested that you use all the videos from one particular expert especially the basic ones so that there is little chance of confusion.

2. Carry Out Experiments

You never learn without trying out an activity by yourself. Microsoft Excel is an amazing software that allows us to do literally anything we want in the real world. But if we just watch videos without experimenting with what we have learned. The outcome will be disappointing and there will be negligible learning.

So as soon as you learn about a new tool on WordPress. Carry out some experiments by combining them with previous tools that you have learned.

Some beginner developers tend to learn a lot of tools and then experiment with a combined task which is, in fact, a successful strategy given that you are good at retaining what you learn.

3. Try Various Plugins

WordPress is popular for the thousands of plugins that any developer can use for free or buy. Plugins could be seen as an alternative to coding that web developers do since plugins add features to a blog and webpage.

In fact that there are a ton of plugins to choose from, you have to spend a considerable amount of time to check which combination of plugins would be the most suitable for your blog or website.

As a developer beginner, try out the free plugins. Once you get an idea of how to recognize a useful plugin and how to use it, buy the useful ones to develop a professional website.

4. Use as Many Themes as Possible to Improve Creativity

Tips to Become a Skilled WordPress Developer

Just like plugins, you will find thousands of WordPress themes as well that determines the beauty and attraction of your website and blogs. Many basic themes can be used for free. But it is always recommended to purchase a unique theme so that your website gets a professional look.

Free themes are used by thousands of basic bloggers and in order to make your webpage and blog stand out from others, you have to test a number of themes by purchasing them. It only widens your exposure to new themes and improves creativity without any possible disadvantage.

5. Use New Tools Under Expert Supervision

After learning the basics of WordPress, you may come across a few advanced tools and features of this CMS that might be difficult to understand on your own. It is advised to use those tools and features under the supervision of an expert who can guide you step by step on how to use it.

Once you do it under supervision. You will be able to practice several times by yourself and face no issue in learning the advanced tools. The video lectures might be helpful here but specific problems would not be addressed.

6. Exchange Ideas on Online Forums

Globalization and the popularity of information technology mean that people from all over the world are able to communicate with each other easily. This is usually done through online forums that people form for specific discussions.

Find a couple of such forums related to WordPress where developers are able to exchange ideas. Ask questions and solve others’ confusions through their experiences and skills. These forums are immensely helpful given that the forums you join have members who are active at all times.

7. Maintain Your Own Professional Blog

Tips to Become a Skilled WordPress Developer

Along with working on your WordPress developer skills. Develop your own informal blog where you can carry out various tests regarding the features you learn. This will provide you two major benefits.

Firstly, you will have your own blog to share your thoughts on the internet or make money through advertisements and SEO and secondly, you will be able to apply the learned skills immediately eliminating any chances of bearing a loss.

Even if you purchase a theme or plugin which seems to be useless. You can always use it for your own blog.

8. Consider Failure a Motivation to Try Again

Finally, failure has been recognized as the most efficient source of motivation to grow as a skilled WordPress developer. If you are performing any task related to information technology. The chances of a perfect outcome are very low since you can be perfect only after several tries.

So when you learn a tool or feature on WordPress and fail to apply it successfully. Do not feel demotivated but instead find the motivation to try again. Several tries will eventually make you skilled in WordPress.

Wrapping Up

Through these tips. You will be able to soon get a firm hold of most of the features of a CMS, specifically WordPress. This is important if you wish to make some money through your WordPress skills. Because clients do not tolerate any kind of carelessness with their work related to a website.

If their website is down for any reason, they can lose business and blame you for it. So polish your skills before making this a profession.

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