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Free Responsive WordPress Theme Review

We know the famous the quote, ‘Survival of the fittest’. Free Responsive WordPress Theme is one of the such technically fit themes for your website that been surviving in the expanding WordPress world.

Nowadays we hear this word ‘responsive’ often. And are we aware what it is all about?  Simply defining it is the representation of our thoughts in the form of designs and layouts. The content is displayed on the various devices like desktop, tablet, and smartphones with various sizes. These designs are made easy to read and move with the touch controls.

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Importance of Responsive Design:

It is important because of the three main reasons:

  1. Responsiveness of the theme is preferred by the Google Search Engine. All these websites have the same URL and HTML across all the devices.
  2. It gives better User Experience. It incorporates social sharing so, one can share the links easily. Eventually, it reduces the time required for various activities.
  3. Most importantly, it increases the number of viewers who end up purchasing the products. So, use of responsive sites can improve your conversion rate.

CyberChimps’ Responsive WordPress Theme is a popular option among bloggers, hobbyists, writers and all the creative artists. They can create such responsive website and share their art, passion, and thoughts with the whole world.

How does it look?

Here is default look of the theme.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Here is default look of the Responsive WordPress Theme.

Various elements of this theme are editable from The WordPress Dashboard. Right from the Posts, Media, Pages or comments, you can see the appearance of the theme as well.

With Appearance-→Theme Options, we can make the required changes in Homepage, theme elements, logo upload, default layouts, social icons and the scripts.

In the theme options, you can make the required changes in Homepage, theme elements etc.

Theme Elements:

Here, in case of these elements, you can toggle the enable-disable settings of the breadcrumb list, enable-disable the blog title. Also, you can edit the enable or disable the title, or copyright text is also editable.

Logo Upload:

In your header settings, you can customize the logo and update your site.

Home Page:

From the Home Page option in the appearance of the theme, you can easily customize your homepage. You can make necessary changes in Headline, Sub Headline or the contact area. Just save the changes, and the site will update.

Default Layouts:

In case of Default Layouts, you can edit the default static page layout, single blog post layout or double blog posts index layout. You can save this setting from the dashboard, and it will adapt itself on the website.

Social Icons:

With the Social Icons option, you can enable your social handles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube by adding the correct URLs.


With the custom script changes, you can edit the Header and Footer of the site very easily.

Editable Sections and Pages – Free Responsive Theme

Vision Section

You can share your vision or goals and your achievements

You can share your vision or goals and your achievements.

Testimonials Section

You can display the testimonials from your customers about your business.

You can display the testimonials from your customers about your business. This customer feedbacks help the site and business to grow and remain transparent with their customers.

Team Section

This is the option to share the name of your team members with the world and build your teams.

This is the option to share the name of your team members with the world and build your teams.

Services Section

With this section showcase the services provided by your business.

With this section showcase the services provided by your business.

Blog Page

The blog page provides a list of blogs. The recent blog posts, popular or top rated ones are also shared separately.

Landing Page

The landing page includes the information about the site, the contact, address and phone number of the owner of the site. You can change the background of the contact section. It gives certain quick links for navigation on the site and simplifies the surfing.  There are recent posts available on the page for the viewer.

Features of Free Responsive Theme

  1. Responsive Design: The theme is adaptable to all the devices and thus, it reaches out to everybody. The content can go easily go viral with this responsive web design, as there is no restriction on the use of the specific device.
  2. Grid System: This system helps the theme to automatically adapt to the device. It helps the entrepreneur to establish their product everywhere in less investment on marketing.
  3. Customization: The theme provides an option to customize the theme as per owner’s wish. There are 9 different templates with different layouts. They can be used as per the need of topic or product or the campaign on the website. Even one can customize the background, header, footer, menus, and logo as well. There are 12 skins available for customization.
  4. Translation Ready: This theme helps the website owner to translate the site into 45 different languages. This helps to cross the boundaries and increases the reach of content and the number of viewers.
  5. Others: This is a retina ready theme, it shows the threaded comments, and one can showcase the team element on the homepage. It has a visual theme customizer and a dynamic slider which attracts the viewer. The theme supports Google fonts and web-safe fonts.

The advantages of this theme are:

  1. Since responsive, it is easy to navigate.
  2. Loads quickly.
  3. It improves the user experience.
  4. People spend comparatively more time on these sites.
  5. It increases the conversion rates.
  6. The site receives more social sharing.

In Conclusion

Free Responsive theme has a lot of utility value and finds applications in all the niches.

With this theme, you can display your photographs and details of your business,  be it a start-up, agency of large-scale one. It can help you create a simple site which talks about your business.

So, nowadays it is becoming next to impossible to achieve success in online business without using a responsive theme for your website. Thus, such WordPress themes not only provide a satisfactory user experience but also get better search engine rankings.

So, Responsive WordPress Theme by CyberChimps is one of the most suited free options to you all, check out its demo, download, and then decide for yourself if it’s worth it!

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