WordPress Website Maintenance – A Detailed Guide For Beginners [Infographic]

WordPress is the go-to CMS for most businesses who are just starting their online journey. As a user-friendly CMS, the benefits of WordPress are endless and it is also one of the best open source content management systems when it comes to security, optimization, and improved functionalities.

For small businesses and startups, WordPress offers a host of responsive themes that make it easier to build any type of website one wants, irrespective of the industry. Additionally, it also offers the best WordPress plugins that further enhances the functionality of this CMS.

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However, as a popular CMS, while creating a website with WordPress is easier, maintaining it can be a challenge if you are unsure as to how to go about it. Thus, to make this task simpler for you here is an extensive checklist that comprises of the essential website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake right away.

With the help of this infographic, you will be able to improve your site’s overall speed and download time. It will also help you strengthen your site’s security. Plus, these tasks will help optimize your website, ensuring easy navigation for all – users and search engines alike. Some of the website maintenance tasks mentioned in the infographic are;

  • Daily website security monitoring.
  • Regular website backup.
  • Testing of site’s speed and page load time.
  • Testing site’s compatibility with various devices and browsers.
  • Updating existing WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Deleting unnecessary media junk.
  • Cleaning trash and spam comments.
  • Reviewing on-page SEO elements.
  • Checking all links on the website – social, affiliate, downland links etc.

These are just a few of the routine tasks that you need to do diligently in order to keep your WordPress website optimized at all times. And this, in turn, will help drive more traffic to your website and help boost your site’s ranking on SERPs. Thus, check out the infographic below and do take a look at this detailed website maintenance guide for more information.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices by the team at bigrockcoupon.in

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

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