Attract Web Traffic That Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Having a website full of content is not enough. Your website has to attract visitors and convert those visitors into business customers. With so many websites available today, creating an outstanding website is a must. Your site has to be attractive in order to get people interested in your web content.

The best part is that there are so many web elements that you can use to make your website attractive. From attractive fonts to banners to call to action boxes and so on, you can easily turn a bland website into a converting business site. Here are 10 awesome web elements that you should consider using to make your site more attractive.

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1. PSD Design Resources

Attract Web Traffic That Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Photoshop Documents (PSDs) are design files that you can open and edit in Adobe Photoshop. You can, however, not use other photo editing software, such as GIMP to edit a PSD file. The advantage of PSDs is that you can access them whenever you want and edit as much as possible without having to start all over again unlike you would with a JPEG file. This is made possible by the ability of PSD to save work including text, transparency, colors and so on.

Working with PSD elements for your WordPress site is quite convenient than using another type of files making it easy for you to exercise creativity. PSD elements are great if you wish to keep your login forms short and simple and increase your subscribers. Create ribbons with your PSD elements to make important content more prominent. PSDs also allow you to display badges to announce important news.

Check out this ultimate pack of 7 PSD design resources absolutely FREE  to attract web visitors increase your online traffic.

2. Modern Fonts

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Fonts are an integral part of web design and help the web designer to create a website with impact and that will leave an impression on your web visitors. This is why it’s important that you put in some thought when you are picking your web fonts.

When choosing fonts ensure that you don’t pick either too formal, too casual, too modern or too conservative. Pick a font that will be enjoyable to read and beautiful as well. Modern fonts such as the Break Modern Free Font are a great way to get it right. Modern fonts will make your website look modern and keep up with the latest web design trends. The right fonts will affect the overall design. You can consider changing your fonts every now and then to keep your design fresh.

3. Call to Action Buttons

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Call to action buttons are part and parcel of a converting website. If you want people to take a particular action, you have to remind them to do so. This is what call to action buttons do for you. Call to action buttons play a big role in converting your web visitors into leads. If you place your call to actions strategically you stand to get instant results.

Call to action buttons carry words that urge your web visitors to take immediate actions after viewing your sales promotion message. The action can be to call you, click a link, and purchase a product or service and so on.  If your website doesn’t carry a call-to-action is considered ineffective. Creating a call to action for every promotion message can be a tedious task, but, there’s an easy way out, these 105 Editable Call to Action Buttons by DealFuel. These buttons are of high quality and added to any website. The best part is that they are free!

4. Amazing Vectors

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Vectors are another major web design element that adds some color to your website. Vectors are customizable and allow you to add some personality to your website. You can use vectors as your main image, site background, or as icons. Vectors help to make your site fresh and current.

Vectors are great in attracting site victors because people tend to process visuals faster than text. Vector will make your life easy because they are ready made. They also save you time and effort, adds appeal to your website, and attract more traffic to your website. When choosing a vector element be sure you pick one with a good and balanced color palette as well as good typography.

5. Hand-Drawn Web Design Elements

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

It is not so easy to find objects with a perfect shape and a perfect color that will fit into your website. Fortunately, there are more creative approaches to create a unique and communicative design. Hand-drawn design elements are one of the creative approaches to convey personality. Hand-written design elements are very popular today because they look different and will make your website stand out in a unique way.

These elements give your website a unique, organic and down to earth look. They also appeal to web visitors in a more emotional, personal and informal way. They also make it easier for your web visitors to find their way around the site. Hand-drawn elements are a refreshing break from the colorful normal elements designed using basic features and make your website more inviting.

Here’s an awesome collection of 100 hand-drawn web design elements perfect fit to make your website more appealing and attention grabbing.

6. Vector Background Patterns

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Vector backgrounds enhance your website’s appeal of your website and give it a distinct and impressive look. They also add a splash of color while acting as a great marketing tactic to sell your brand online.

Vector background patterns are easy to use because they are highly scalable and do not have annoying pixels meaning that new web browser versions and screens can display their crisp and vivid colors perfectly.

When picking a vector background pattern, you want one that is responsive to every device including a personal computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you have some web design skills, you can actually customize your own website background patterns and give our website some unique touch.

Take a look at these 14 painted marble free vector background patterns that you can use as banner backgrounds, to create posters and flyers, wall decors and wallpapers and much more.

7. Social Share Plugins

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Social media platforms are one of the best places to market your business online these days. Most businesses are finding great success using social media marketing. Social sharing is thus important for your business. Make it easy for your web visitors to share your content by adding social share plugins.

There are different ways that you can optimize your social share in order to encourage sharing and increase traffic, engagement, and overall online presence. Here’s a great ultimate Social Share plugin worth $47 that is currently absolutely FREE! The plugin makes your web content social-share-friendly increasing your social reach.

8. Great UI Kits

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Are you worried whether your web visitors will stick around on your site long enough to purchase your products or even simply share your content? To keep your worries at bay make use of a UI kit and make sure your visitors stay.

By improving your user interface visitors will fall in love with your website. UI kits add punch to your shopping site or social site. Grab this FREE UI kit today and see your web traffic increase significantly!

9. Hand Lettering and Watercolour Designs

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Computer-generated designs are dominating making them way too common. Step out of the norm with hand-lettering designs that stands out in a beautiful way. Hand lettering is the perfect connection between design and words. Hand lettering is great because the text form is broken down into shapes and textures. Hand-lettering evokes feelings of joy, happiness, nostalgia, and love.

Watercolors have also become quite popular lately. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use them for your website while they’re still hot. Watercolour designs are great for greeting cards, business cards, gift tags, posters and more.

Feeling curious? Here’s an awesome collection of 6 autumn hand lettering and watercolor designs perfect for your website.

10. Icons

Attract Web Traffic that Converts with These Fantastic 10 Web Elements

Icons are among the oldest web design elements whose importance cannot be emphasized enough. More and more web designers are constantly focusing on icons because they convey your intended message easily. Web visitors tend to get motivated by the message conveyed by icons more than text.

Most web visitors will quickly scan a website when they visit it the first time. Having icons instead of a lot of text means that you’ll be able to capture the attention of these first-time web visitors because they make your site more interactive.

Other good reasons why you should use icons on your website include ease of conveying a lot of info, they guide web users on how to use your site, they will save you space, they break webpage monotony, they draw attention and they increase readability.

Need we say more? It’s time to grab these free awesome set of icons.

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