A Quick Guide to IGTV [Infographic]

Video has made its way into the content marketing mix and it’s one of the most effective types of content for promoting services or products on the Internet.

The combination of visuals and sound play a significant role in delivering the message. Unlike text, videos don’t need to rely on specific words, visual cues such as emojis and punctuation for the audience to understand.

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People are 6 times more likely to share a tweet with a video. A research by Hubspot states that 43% of consumers found branded video content to be the most memorable. Video content also has higher retention rates— 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video.

As videos grew popular and saturated the market, Instagram started experimenting with video. in 2013 they finally enabled users to post videos. It started out with 15-second limits but later expanded to 1 minute.

Instagram Timeline

In 2016 Instagram released a new feature— Instagram Stories, which allowed users to record and post videos that disappear after 24 hours. Months after Stories launched, Instagram released the live feature which lets users broadcast live and interact with others.

Recently, Instagram ventured into long-form video content and released IGTV. Unlike many videos on most platforms that are horizontal, IGTV sports vertical format, reflecting how people generally handle smartphones.

IGTV for Business

When IGTV was launched, a number of big brands such as Chipotle and Natgeo immediately joined and posted videos on their channels. Chipotle posted a short video that showcased their vast selection of meals whereas Natgeo posted the 47-minute long finale for “One Strange Rock”.

All businesses—big or small can use IGTV to market their brand, and it’s convenient, too! Since Instagram accounts are integrated with IGTV channels, their followers are automatically “subscribed” to their IGTV feed, saving the hassle of building a viewer base from scratch.

We hope this detailed infographic can help you a bit along the way if you are thinking about starting your own IGTV channel? For more information on how IGTV works, check out this infographic below!

A Quick Guide to IGTV
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